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Aj Drew
A.J. Drew, the author of the groundbreaking book Wicca for Men, is the owner of Salem West, one of the largest neopagan/Wiccan shops in the Midwest. A.J. also hosts The Real Witches Ball, one of the single largest pagan gatherings in the United States, and is the founder of www.neopagan.com, which was designed to be an online hub for the entire pagan community.

From A.J. Drew site (www.ajdrew.com/about/):

"In July of 2006, I suffered a near fatal electrocution resulting in a moderate traumatic brain injury and a bit of nerve damage. At the onset of recovery, it became clear that not only had I lost entire portions of my memory but I'd become a different person. In an effort to hide from the challenges of sensory overload and other new challenges, I left public life and found seclusion in the foot hills of Kentucky.

Although many thought and a few hoped that I had died due to the electrocution, I have spent the years building my new life. I am, in essence, a new person with new ideas and an entirely new and positive take on life. While we are all slaves to one thing or another, I have shed the shackles of convention. More by injury than choice, I no longer feel the mandates to live within the confines of conventional dictates.

Here in the foot hills of Kentucky, my family and I are building a new life as close to land and life that the Creator intended. It is our great hope that by living this way, we will impart a sense of earth stewardship and love of all life to our children."

A.J. Drew Bibliography (partial):

- A Wiccan Bible: Exploring the Mysteries of the Craft From Birth to Summerland
- Wicca Spellcraft for Men: A Spellbook for Male Pagans
- A Wiccan Formulary and Herbal
- Wicca for Men
- Wicca for Couples: Making Magick Together
- God / Goddess
- The Everything Motorcycle Book

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