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After many years of self-exploration, healing, growth and study she found that her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual consciousness had the unique capacity to be a mediator for very powerful and loving cosmic consciousness. She balanced her inner life work with outer level achievements which included a Masters in Human Development and Learning and a very successful private practice in counseling. She also studied the connections between illness and the body while working as a massage therapist. During that time she studied the effects of sound, touch and other healing alternatives to support the integration of mind, body and spirit into wholeness.

In 1991 Aeptha and Eushahn married, drawn together by their commitment to the spiritual path and a deep and abiding love. Light Haven was born into the earth plane and established in Charlotte, NC in 1993. Shortly thereafter, Shakmah Winddrum became Eushahn and Aeptha's physical plane teacher. They have studied extensively with this powerful and gifted master teacher. Their primary focus is at Light Haven on the ever expanding work which includes ceremonial services, teaching and individual private work supported by an extensively trained staff of initiates. www.lighthaven.org

Source: http://www.sacredwheel.org/BTW/Between The Worlds/Presenters.html

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