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Yacki Raizizun was born on May 17, 1892. Yacki died in August 1966 at 74 years old.Note that, unfortunately, not all my books can be downloaded or ordered on CD due to the restrictions of copyright. However, most of the books on this site do not have copyright restrictions. If you find any copyright violation, please contact me at . I am very attentive to the issue of copyright and try to avoid any violations, but on the other hand to help all fans of magic to get access to information.
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Author:      Yacki Raizizun
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Everybody dreams, but there are few who place any importance to the phenomena of sleep. Before we can

begin to comprehend or even analyze dreams, whether our dreams are symbolic or otherwise, we must first

divert from our mind our materialistic conceptions of what the individual called man really is. The external or

physical man, is no more the man than the coat he wears. The physical man is only an instrument of which the

real inner man or soul expresses itself in the physical universe. Various materialistic theories have been given

in the past, trying to explain the mighty phenomena of dreams, but these theories have always been more or

less unsatisfactory. Why? Because the?materialist tries to explain the riddle of human existence without an

individual human spirit his explanation will always be unsatisfactory.

Yacki Raizizun was born on May 17, 1892. Yacki died in August 1966 at 74 years old.