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Flor Sylvestre (1982) originally written in Portuguese, but translated here into English. It's original name was Wild Brair. This is RA'AB's forth book.Note that, unfortunately, not all my books can be downloaded or ordered on CD due to the restrictions of copyright. However, most of the books on this site do not have copyright restrictions. If you find any copyright violation, please contact me at . I am very attentive to the issue of copyright and try to avoid any violations, but on the other hand to help all fans of magic to get access to information.
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Author:      Mama san Ra ab Rampa
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Flor Sylvestre (1982) originally written in Portuguese, but translated here into English. It's original name was Wild Brair. This is RA'AB's forth book.

About Author:

Mama-San-Ra-Ab-Rampa was wife of Lobsang Rampa, author who wrote books with paranormal and occult themes. His best known work is The Third Eye, published in Britain in 1956.

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From the eye of the sphinx flowed a tear. Like this the Egyptian President's
death, Anwar Sadat, was interpreted by a newspaper cartunista the following
day to that in that the President was murdered such cruel mind.

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fs(1984) There is debate if it was originally written in Spanish or French as they both have the same publication date, but I have managed to obtain a copy of the French version. This was a summery of Lobsang's life from her point of view. This is RA'AB's fifth and final book.

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