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Jean d'Espagnet (1564 - c. 1637) was a French lawyer and politician, a French Renaissance polymath and a an antiquarian, poet and and writer on alchemy, and aso friend of French literati.,..

In 1601 he became President of the Parlement of Bordeaux. In this position he was involved, with Pierre de Lancre, in witch-hunting in Labourd. D'Espagnet contributed to de Lancre's 1607 work on witchcraft.

Jean D'Espagnet is known to have owned several books that had previously formed part of Montaigne's library, including his copy of De rerum natura, in which his signature overwrites that of Montaigne's on the title-page. In 1623 D'Espagnet wrote Arcanum Hermeticae philosophiae and Enchiridion physicae restitutae.

Jean D'Espagnet (partial) Bibliography:

- The Hermetic Arcanum
- Alchemy: Natural Philosophy Restored

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