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Sekhet Sophia's Biography (Books)

Internationally acclaimed recording artist, Sophia Roberts prefers to just be called Sophia, but she is also known as Sophia Songhealer, because her music is healing and uplifting. An inspired virtuoso she also plays her own zither, tamboura, percussion, dulcimer and guitar, which accompany her 'voice of gold, full of power and love'. Before joining Sequoia Records, Sophia released four albums from her own label with the titles: Return, Hidden Waters/Sacred Ground, Emergence, and Journey into Love. She joined the Sequoia label for the first time as a contributing artist on the labelas first compilation album Musical Healing, released in 2001. Her well-known song ISweet Surrendera is included on it. Her highly acclaimed top-selling Sequoia release Chakra Healing Chants was released in 2002, celebrating the subtle healing centers (charkas)
of the body commonly associated with healing arts of the east. The music is based on the pure tones of the vowel sounds of both the Sanskrit and Hebrew that have been shown to activate and heal the charkas. Each meditation features the potent invocations of the sacred Hebrew names, which are drawn from the seven levels of the Cabbalistic Tree of Life as they correspond to the seven chakras. Jean Houston has said about her, 'When Sophia sings of the Earth and the Sky and in between, a new Humanity is born.' Sophia travels nationally to many Tradeshows and Bookstores as well as touring, performing her music and leading workshops on Tantra and on how the voice can be used to heal.