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Rick Levine's Biography (Photos)

Rick Levine
Rick Merlin Levine, President and Chief Wizard of, combines his visionary understanding of astrology's role in society with his ability to communicate astrological terms in unique ways. His "" daily horoscope column is delivered via the Internet to millions of readers on,, and He is the subject of a DVD, "Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit, and Our Place in the Cycles of History."

Rick was a Founding Trustee of the Kepler College for Astrological Arts and Sciences, a 4-year institution in Seattle that is state licensed to issue degrees in Astrological Studies. Rick is the co-author (with Jeff Jawer) of Your Astrology Guide and author of Quantum Astrology: Essays on the Physics of Metaphysics, a book that delves into the mysteries of time and space from the perspective of science, religion and astrology. He is also the author of The Gift of the Magi: Christmas for the New Millennium (Spellbound Press, 1996), in which he explores the amazing story behind the Star of Bethlehem and the astrologer/priests who recognized this wondrous star. His articles, poems and illustrations have appeared in many magazines. Rick has been a professional Astrologer since 1976. He has provided astrological consulting services for individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations. He continues his consulting practice from Redmond, Washington, where he has lived for more 15 years. He describes himself as computer wizard and a net-junkie. He is also rumored to have an advanced Intel microprocessor imbedded in his brain.