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Randall Phillip Prince's Biography (Photos)

Randall Phillip Prince
Born in Speedway Indiana in 1956, Randall Phillip Prince was the youngest of three brothers. His father, Delmar, passed across the rainbow bridge in 1964. His Mother, Pauline raised him alone after his two older brothers went into the US Military. An avid reader at a young age, Randall grew to love the adventures he could glean from the pages of one his favorite books including Jules Verne's "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea". He would have his father read him this book the most at bedtime and he never tired of it. He was also very interested in Dinosaurs and Outer Space. Two interests that every little boy has had at one time or another.

Now as an adult, his main hobbies are focused on a love of archaeology and of Norse Living History. Under the old Norse name, "Solvarr Bjornsson", Viking combat with actual steel weapons has captured his soul and he goes to as many events as he can to participate.