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Martha Norwalk's Biography (Photos)

Martha Norwalk
Martha Norwalk is a highly sought-after animal communicator who teaches and practices the art of inter-species telepathic communication--the ability to relay visual images between animal and human--as a means of exchanging thoughts and feelings with our animal-friends that results in a profound human-animal bond.

Martha's unique presentation centers around her beliefs in the innate intelligence and emotional capacity of animals. Martha has a 25-year career in working with animals and is the host of Martha Norwalk's Animal World, which has been a staple on Sunday radio for a majority of those years. She has been employed as a veterinary technician, surgical assistant, laboratory X-ray technician, and has owned two businesses involved in animal training and behavior modification. She currently maintains a private counseling practice and is a frequent lecturer and media guest Martha attended the University of Washington College of Arts & Sciences in the late '60s, and earned a degree in Animal Technology from Fort Steilacoom Community College in 1971.