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Lyall Watson's Biography (Books)

The author was born in Africa and educated there and in Britain, taking his doctorate in animal behaviour under the supervision of Desmond Morris at London Zoo. He has been involved in anthropology in Indonesia and Brazil, archaeology in Jordan and Peru, Palaeontology in South and East Africa, and marine biology in the Indian Ocean - representing Seychelles on the International Whaling Commission.

For many years he has been pursuing the paranormal, travelling constantly from his base in the far west of Ireland, pausing only to publish his bestsellers SUPERNATURE, THE BIOLOGY OF DEATH (formerly entitled THE ROMEO ERROR), GIFTS OF UNKNOWN THINGS, LIFETIDE and HEAVEN'S BREATH. Lyall Watson's recent books include WHALES OF THE WORLD, DREAMS OF DRAGONS (published in hardback as EARTHWORKS), SUPERNATURE II (published in hardback as BEYOND SUPER-NATURE) and most recently THE NATURE OF THINGS.