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Joy Turner's Biography (Photos)

Joy Turner
A renowned animal communicator and energy healer, Joy Turner can teach you communication and energy healing skills and how to communicate directly with your animals. She can relay your animal companions' answers about their health, behavior, and point of view by being a voice for their thoughts and feelings.

Joy specializes in establishing verbal and energetic bridges between animals and their human companions. Joy hosts the radio talk show "Talk With Your Animals" on KKNW 1150AM Tuesdays 5-6 p.m. (streamed live over the internet at She writes communication columns for IG Times, Modern Dog and Holistic Horse Magazines, has hosted the TV show "Talk With Your Animals." Joy also authored "The Communicator" column for magazine and is the author of the book series The Spiritual Principles of Consciousness and Manifestation. Joy has been interviewed for magazine, newspaper, and radio shows internationally. Joy lives in the Seattle area with her large animal family and has much personal practice and experience in living all the principles she teaches.