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Dr Anne Marie Bennstrom's Biography (Photos)

Dr Anne Marie Bennstrom
Anne Marie's medical background is in Physical Medicine from Sweden, and in Naturopathy and Chiropractic in the US. She is a noted pioneer in spirituality, health and fitness. Although she is a trained doctor, she feels it is far more important to gain wisdom through personal experience than relying on book knowledge. As a young woman, she walked into the jungles of Guatemala barefoot with little more than the clothes on her back and survived for six months. She discovered that if you live in harmony with nature, nature will take care of everything that you need. One of the original pioneers of the Golden Door, she later founded The Ashram in Calabasis, California, which is considered one of the top ten health and fitness programs on the planet, and thousands have benefited enormously from this "Health Bootcamp" for the past 30 years. Long an innovator at the forefront of the health and fitness field, she is also the original inventor of the Thighmaster and has been credited with having introduced aerobics to the US.