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Douglas Ezzy's Biography (Books) (Photos)

Douglas Ezzy
Douglas Ezzy is a senior lecturer in sociology at the University of Tasmania in Australia. Douglas Ezzy's research is driven by a fascination with how people make meaningful and dignified lives. His most recent research is an international study of teenage Witchcraft with Helen Berger (West Chester University). It examines the interconnections of teenage spirituality, the mass media, and nature religion. He is particularly interested to supervise sociology postgraduates studying contemporary spirituality.

He has published six books: Teenage Witches (with Helen Berger), Researching Paganisms (with Graham Harvey and Jenny Blain), Qualitative Research Methods (with Pranee Rice), Qualitative Analysis, Narrating Unemployment and Practising the Witch's Craft, along with numerous articles. Douglas Ezzy is also co-author with Pranee Rice of Qualitative Research Methods: A health focus (Oxford University Press).